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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Racism and Holocaust Blood-Libels

How do we explain Portuguese Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramago’s comment that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians “we can compare it with what happened at Auschwitz?”

What went on in the extermination camps?  A simple answer is to quote Wikipedia. “Extermination camps (or death camps) were camps built to systematically kill millions of people by gassing and extreme work under starvation conditions…..The formal mass-killing method at an extermination camp was poison gas; besides gas chambers, the camp guards killed prisoners via mass shooting, starvation, torture, etc.”

By his odious equalization Saramago implied that experimental ‘medical procedures’, forced prostitution, guards with Rottweilers waiting to tear residents apart, and gas chambers, were scattered throughout the Palestinian territories.  What else can a comparison to Auschwitz imply? It has always bewildered me that we do not fight this human filth where-ever possible and whenever the libel spews forth from the corrupt vessel making this disgusting association.

Less than a generation after liberation from apartheid, South Africa hosted the world conference against racism, held under UN auspices in Durban and became sponsor to the largest (anti-Jewish) hate fest since the Nazi Nuremberg rallies in the 1930’s.

In Israel there are Jews, Muslims, and Christians riding the same buses, people of black, white and all the skin colors in-between eating in the same restaurants, street signs in three languages, and different ethnicity's all working and playing together.  Arab politicians drink from the same water fountains as their Jewish brothers and sisters, Israeli Arab (Justice) George Kara headed the court that judged, found guilty and pronounced sentence on an Israeli president. Arabs who set themselves apart as being superior to non-Arabs still attend the same universities and sit in the same classrooms as the Jewish students.  These things do not add up to the Oxford definition of Apartheid!

Yes, Israel is far from perfect. Israel has its bigots and racists like anywhere else, which shows just how much Israel is like any other democracy in the world because only in an autocracy can you not have these traits, only in a theological nightmare will you find yourself raped prior to being hanged from a building crane in the main square, stoned to death or decapitated!

People who choose to be ignorant of the facts are the real perpetrators of a criminal libel; they are the racists and super egotists to whom the truth is no more than an inconvenient distraction! And it’s these people who are heard the most, it is these bigots who succeed in spreading their hatred via their distorted truths!

Chairman Arafat stated in 1996 (at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm) “You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state…I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews.”  So the West’s favourite Muslim Arab proposed that Israel be “Judenrein” (a Nazi term that designated an area "cleansed" of Jews).  Nor have any of his Palestinian successors, including Mahmud Abbas, accepted the essential humanity let alone the equality of their enemy, the Jew.

There is no conflict between Israel and Palestine.  There is a conflict that pits Islam against Judaism and the West, and present day Arab colonialism against Western history.

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  1. hmmm! you don't see residents of Hamas ruled Gaza, or PA ruled Ramallah with numbers tatooed on their wrists either! Good article. Thanks for pointing out what is obvious to some but not so obvious to those who just don't want to know.