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Monday, November 26, 2012

Obama & Ethical Incomprehensibility

Some people find the topic of politics boring! Most people find politics boring beyond hope!! The problem is that we rarely believe anything our politicians tell us. It is not that our politicians start out to present themselves as dishonest brokers but we all live within a bubble of our own making.  We want a life that is predictable and comfortable and our politicians are expected to deliver this hope to us.  So they feed our expectations.

Expectations of President Obama’s second term of office may be significantly understated because if he and we have learned one thing from his first term, it is that he is a mortal, like all the presidents that preceded him, no different and no better than those in whose footsteps he followed.  History will decide on the quality of his legacy.

Politicians being an amorphous but dilatory breed tend to have a few showcase policies but spend the rest of the time protecting their territory rather than advancing great ideas or safeguarding principles.

The President delivered on Health Care Reform and his financial policies may or may not have contributed to the USA not being as badly damaged as Europe was by the Great Recession of 2008. But his Foreign Policy has fluctuated between uninspired and disastrous and his reforms at home have done nothing to make America a better place for the majority of Americans.  He has eroded civil liberties perhaps more than any President since the Second World War?

Perhaps the real issue is that leaders promise the earth and for the most part, they deliver hot air.  I repeat that this is partly down to our expectations.  We prefer to be courted by braggarts, most people would not vote for someone dressed in leathers and brandishing a whip and chains (even if anticipating the pain made for a more inspired campaign).

The issue that has always made me feel uncomfortable with President Obama is his past associations. Most people who aspire to high office are more careful with their friends.

If a republican candidate for the President had attended KKK rallies for 20 years and then you were asked to vote for him, would you? The Reverend Jeremiah Wright administered to President Obama and his family when the president was a civil rights lawyer, a professor of law and while he served as a senator; in fact he was a close and respected friend of the president for 20 years.  It was the reverends close racist associations and disunifying comments that forced Senator Obama to give him up prior to his election as President in November 2008.

Obama presumably remains a friend (albeit distant) of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who has stated, is on record as saying “God damn America” and also “the chicken has come home to roost” (when referring to 911). The Reverend was an advisor to Elijah Mohammad (who died in 1975) and remains an advisor to Louis Farrakhan (both leaders of the Nation of Islam).  They have allegedly, repeatedly expressed racist opinions and attitudes towards Whites as a race and Jews as a religious group. Wright has said that “Jesus was a black man in a country controlled by rich white men” (Rome and Italy). He honoured Louis Farrakhan as a man he had known for 37 years.  Louis Farrakhan is a shameless bigot. He is on record as declaring that” Hitler is a great man” and “Judaism is a gutter religion” (although in the latter case he accused the press of distorting what he said); and “the entire white race is a race of devils and will be exterminated by Allah”.

So I have said this before – you swim in a pool of excrement and you will not smell of roses.  And the President swam in the naughty preacher’s swimming pool for 20 years before he disowned him.  A willing association with prejudice is psychically damaging.   Since his election President Obama has courted and continues to court the most corrupt, racist and misogynistic regimes in the Muslim world.

  • He abandoned his Egyptian ally, paving the way for the election of the deeply racist and genocidal Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
  • He has supported Islamist opposition groups elsewhere, across the Muslim world.
  • He has abdicated all responsibility for defending minorities which, has resulted in a serious escalation in the persecution of women, Christians and other minorities across the Muslim world.

In summary, instead of leading the free world in nurturing democracy and the rule of law he has encouraged the forces of reactionary Islamism and acquiesced to tyranny.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican (nor American). But a moral chasm has opened up in the Free World into which bigots have poured their energies into redefining right and wrong.  

The attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi is universally acknowledged as having been carefully orchestrated by Islamists in a move that was unconnected to any other contemporary events.  As the American President embraces Islamists they have chosen to demonstrate their gratitude with hatred, contempt and the assassination of American ambassadors to the Muslim World.

If the President deliberately sacrificed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, in Benghazi, then the act of dissimulation that followed (the official line was that this was a spontaneous riot) is inexplicable.

President Obama’s doctrine of engagement with the Islamic World, at any cost, is an unmitigated failure.   Perhaps then, sacrificing his diplomats to violent Islamism is not quite so ethically incomprehensible. The lack of vision that ensured his election for a second term may yet extract a price from all of us.


  1. the world's democracies are changing as our leaders take us into the globalism they have already agreed to, yes the global world government. not a conspiracy at all, it's quite obvious. refer to the un website and the speeches made by our left wing leaders. they no longer represent their nations interests, the very idea of 'nation' is considered an antiquated concept, and thus using the ultimate weapon, multiculturalism nations across the planet that not so long ago were stable democracies catering for a majority, are now unstable ones that cater to minorities. while i have no problem with minorities the values of the minority has to equate with the values of the host culture, lest the culture change beyond recognition and this is what has happened to the west, along with debt as a weapon the west has self destructed.
    islam being the most powerful meme on planet earth will need a place in this global order, therefore the west and it's leaders fall over backwards appeasing whatever crazy leadership and ideas islam promotes. this has being going on since the english government paid millions of pounds to the plo so that it would not commit acts of terror in england.
    and this type of weakness has resulted in a total identity crisis, because what was good is now bad. moral inversion and cultural relativism in action gives rise to statements like the greens leader of australia saying today,
    'the white old men in australia don't want multiculturalism in australia, they don't like the way the country is changing as it's being run by women.'
    all of this is academic but what makes it very dangerous is this woman supports hamas!
    how does that work?
    obama sacrificed his ambassador and it was only due to the handful of marines being there that what was a planned kidnapping went wrong. these types of manoeuvres are going on all the time and i believe no government on earth now represents it's populations interests, we are cattle being herded by disinformation as cattle prods, conformity or death. orwell wrote the two most important books ever written, '1984' and 'animal farm.'
    anyone that wants to get close to the truth should read those books and apply them to the political zeitgeist. this is why israel is so hated, it's the only country on earth that actually has a model that functions quite differently from other democracies, ironically it's more multicultural than most other countries but it's borders are protected and it's identity maintained.