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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Koran. War and Peace

Ridicule and derision are common tools of missionary faith but Judaism is not a missionary religion and Christianity has, for the most part, albeit reluctantly, recognised this theologically toxic legacy.  That leaves Islam as the driving revolutionary force behind theological agitation for proselytizing around the world.

Samuel P. Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order) wrote that there was a clash of civilisations between the West and the Islamic world. While the Left as an institution, and many of our leaders in government, panicked and were desperate then, as they are today, to disprove his thesis, they continue to make every excuse to justify violence and terror committed in the name of Islam. This propensity towards violence is a tragically common response to every slight or perceived insult that befalls the Muslim faithful. 

It is certainly undeniable that the Koran constrains the fundamentalist from engagement in a dialogue of equals while anyone who reads the Koran without questioning it, must be left with a feeling of superiority and disdain towards both Christians and Jews.  At best, those that read the Koran are vicariously acculturated to ridicule and mistrust of the non-Muslim.  Even at a superficial level it cannot but encourage disinclination towards integration into Western Society. A recent study revealed that the fourth generation of Muslims living in the West is less likely to be integrated into the society than any other group in history. The Koran and the Hadith (sayings attributed to Muhammad) are problematic for their subversive theological opposition to modern democracy.

Islam believes Muhammad to be the most righteous man who ever lived (it could not possibly be a woman). “Let us now use our reason: how can a mortal woman give birth to God?” (A Muslim missionary booklet titled “Muslim-Christian Dialogue” by HM Baagil M.D.)  Every word was transmitted by the Muslim God Allah, and therefore, it must all be true, correct, unalterable and unquestionable. “We use the Koran as the standard to correct man-made changes in previously revealed scriptures.” i.e. Christianity and Judaism. (Ibid)

If we are already perfected, then in the pursuit of ‘righteousness’ or the ‘ideal’ we can do no wrong.  That warped mindset led humanity to the mobile killing squads, to Auschwitz and to the gas chambers.  The Holocaust denial industry is an important part of contemporary Islamic thought because it assumes a perfection marred only by the opposition of the infidel.

Those that deny the Shoah are just as likely to embrace it a second time round.

In an exquisite, even brilliant double bind we are informed that to question the Koran is to insult all Muslims and therefore to encourage violence. But to not question is to acquiesce by our silence to a manuscript that is unremittingly hateful and disparaging both of our respective cultures and of our shared civilisation. Every act of kindness in recorded history, every good idea, every positive act of creation is theologically Islamic. This is saying that early Islamic writings are not the mythic creation story (and later exegesis) of some desert tribal leader living towards the end of the 6th Century CE. Instead Islam ‘represents’ the one and only legitimate faith with an unbroken lineage of wisdom dating back to the beginning of history. Abraham, Moses and Jesus are Muslims, their thoughts and acts are a precious Islamic heritage. Cultural theft, plagiarism and the wholesale rape of entire civilisations is justified as no more than successive rebranding exercises carried out by the faithful of Allah.  Our lands and everything we own, our cultural heritage and our past are all obliterated as a logical consequence of our flawed and theologically redundant existence.  You and me?  We are followers of an imperfect and corrupted system; our religious beliefs, a lie and a deceit.

If we question Islamic logic we are blind to perfection – but then this is also written in the Koran. The faithful are warned to be aware of our kind.

In Medieval times, Jews were sometimes forced to dispute with the local bishop on a point of canon law.  If the Rabbi won, he was put to death and his entire community expelled. If he lost, the community was forced to convert to Christianity.  Islam plays by different rules but by stealing our collective past it has no need to debate any of its actions either in the past or in the present.  More ominously, it has no need to consider the ethical validity of any of its planned and future activities.

All fundamentalist faith is retrogressive but Islam has not moved on from Muhammad’s genocide of the Jewish tribes and pagan peoples of Arabia of the 6th Century CE.  Islam is almost 400 years late in learning the lessons of the Age of Reason. And while the Enlightenment began to percolate into scholars’ minds considerably earlier than the 17th Century, the darkness in the heart of Islam is an ongoing tragedy that can only worsen as we appease the bigots.  And from our side, the reaction will cause much greater friction between our civilisations even as some Muslim scholars beseech their compatriots to exercise self-control.   

Even then, the righteous Muslim is an insignificant minority whose protestations are inevitably after the fact and only heard, once we infidel have been thoroughly and righteously horse-whipped for our insolence.

One of the arguments for the authenticity of the Koran is that Muhammad was illiterate; therefore he could not have known the sayings and teachings of either Judaism or of Christianity (because he grew up in pagan Mecca). When the Jews of Muhammad’s time refused to accept his new faith he slaughtered them without mercy. His genocide of the Jewish tribes was legitimised by their refusal to embrace his wholesale cultural theft of their religious heritage.  'Religious' Muslims view Judaism as a racial ideology while the secularists cover the other side of the debate by recognising Jews as a religious group.  Both sides in the Islamic world can then explain and justify the reason for excluding Jews from the Near-East: As a racial group Jews have no religious right to reside anywhere but particularly not in the Holy Land; as a religious group Jews have no racial right of residence because their history is ‘manufactured’.  As a consequence they are a foreign and wholly incompatible implant that does not belong in the region. Listen to the words of Mahmud Ahmadinejad and weep for the ethical failure that prevents us from challenging the holy racism and religious demagoguery of this evil man and his multitude of followers.

As propaganda this narrative of hate has something for every bigot – including the hegemonic left-wing and liberal Western elite.

Muslims believe that God’s first command to Muhammad was ‘Iqra’ (read) an interesting thought if it is true that he was illiterate. But if reading is confined to the Koran and Hadith (the ‘collected’ sayings of the Prophets – produced in the 8th and 9th Century, some 120 -260 years after he is alleged to have died) then there can only be one interpretation of history and it is one that denies the legitimacy of any and all other narratives that do not demonstrate the superiority of the Muslim view of history.

In this time of appeasing the Islamic faithful, instead of asking what we achieve by our tolerance we should be demanding to know what we receive in return for our sacrifice.

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  1. Very interesting. Islam has never gone through a reformation process and does not have a history of textual analysis or criticism. I agree, this needs to be challenged. Unfortunately the power of big oil and fear of fanatics serve as brakes.