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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UK MP Calls for enquiry into Jewish Lobby

Recently British parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn called for an independent investigation into the Jewish Lobby. The populist bluster of British politicians is nothing new, middle class anti-Semitism has always had an honourable place at dinner tables and as part of polite conversation here in the UK.

But with a Muslim population of 5% here in Britain it was recently pointed out by George Galloway MP that Ken Livingstone must “connect to his core, including the 750,000 Muslim voters in London. If they don’t vote, he is done for, but if they do, in numbers, he could win handsomely.”  Ken hopes tomorrow to regain the Mayoralty of London. Another recent, nationally reported remark was that Jews wouldn’t vote for him because they are all rich.  In a critical letter to the head of the Labour Party by prominent Jewish Labour supporters it was observed that Ken “used the words Zionist, Jewish and Israeli interchangeably and did so in a pejorative manner that was classically anti-Semitic.” He dismissed his comments as ‘misunderstood.’

Jeremy Corbyn MP is both pro-Arab and anti-Zionist – the two usually go hand in glove. I would never insinuate that British MP’s have formed a Pro-Arab or Pro-Muslim lobby just because they are employed or have been employed by the Islamic theocratic regime (Iran), through its media mouth piece ‘Press TV’; nor would I imply that they have formed a cadre, or shall we say cabal (perhaps the word ‘conspiracy’ is too strong) of British MP’s whose interests are not necessarily Britain’s. Nor am I saying they are guilty of dual loyalty.  I am certainly not questioning their motives in representing a foreign power in the UK. Nor would I suggest that by taking money from a foreign government propaganda organ and being members of parliament they undermine British sovereignty here in the UK.  But it is curious that it is one of their number that calls for an enquiry into a Jewish lobby but never an enquiry into an Arab lobby and certainly never an enquiry into a Muslim lobby, while they themselves, as members of the British parliament or political establishment have all (?) been in the pay of a foreign government global news network.  No-one complains. Conspiracy politics is of course part of the populists’ arsenal of incitement against a specific target that helps to facilitate his or her re-election. It confirms allegiances and is an excellent propaganda point to bring up during campaigning. We should remember that Jeremy Corbyn MP, Julian Brazier MP, George Galloway MP, Ken Livingstone (formerly an MP) and who can forget Dr (Baroness) Tonge MP have all been on the payroll of the Islamist Republic of Iran through their active involvement in Press TV.  Nor should we forget the former Prime Ministers’ sister-in-law and Muslim convert Lauren Booth?  Should we ask how she influenced British Foreign Policy during the ‘Blair Years?’

If there is to be any discussion of parliamentary investigations where the peddling of influence (for cash or ideological conviction) is discussed, here is where Parliament should begin.

As an aside, I am surprised there is no entry in Wikipedia for the Muslim Lobby or the Arab Lobby which without a doubt exists and which has been hugely influential through the immensely wealthy, oil drenched Muslim Uma. It is clearly, enormously competent, beyond anything Jews can achieve.  After all, it has successfully stayed out of the news and in the world of the lobbyist, silence is indicative of effectiveness. So where are we as a community going wrong?  Perhaps we should ask Mr Corbyn?

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