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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Germany and The New World Order

As the Euro zone faces a Greek default a former German Central Banker, Thilo Sarrazin, triggered controversy when he stated that the Euro Zone was holding Germany hostage over its past aggression. He preferred that Germany not only control the flow of money but also decide when and if it is to fund Euro bonds and whether it is in Germany’s (economic) interest to finance mutualised (European) debt.

Germany before ‘the war’ could not have nurtured fascism without an amoral upper class nor could it have carried out mass murder on the industrial scale that it did.  But it is ironic that Germany encouraged emancipation and was ahead of Britain in its legalised equality, it celebrated egalitarianism and radical ‘back to nature’ movements including naturism, the ethical treatment of animals, and vegetarianism.  Free love was encouraged.  The SA, Hitler’s storm-troopers who he had eliminated in the “Night of the Long Knives” was officered and led by a homosexual elite. (He did not kill them because he feared their sexuality but because he recognised the damage two rival elites, the SA and the SS could have on his control over them and therefore, over the party and as a consequence, over the German nation). The enthusiasm with which doctors and teachers flocked to Hitler’s version of Fascism made them the two unions most represented within the Nazi Party.

If we consider the way Britain behaved parallel to Germany, its post war deception and behaviour is not encouraging.  As Britain struggles to accept its diminished role in the world the desperation with which it vies with other nations to collaborate with regimes that are fundamentally opposed to its own way of life is a failure of ethics that is as destructive as it is near sighted.  An eclectic society is also a selective society or it is just a refuse heap of ideas that corrode and decay the humanity of its members from within.  It is fashionable for companies, clubs and political parties to all talk about a ‘vision.’ But a vision requires a road map, a recognisable road and a vehicle in which we can all travel so that we, as a society exclude no-one.  So that we all benefit from embracing that vision there are road rules to be followed.  A road map indicates restrictions for good reason. It wouldn’t do to drive off a cliff, into a river, or headlong into another car, just because we are either indifferent to or lacking the imagination to internalise the consequences. 

We know that Britain collaborated in the Shoah. The press in its complicity with government still produces narrative propaganda with barely a grain of truth in it to justify past glories and expunge earlier infamies from history.  Devoid of an ethical compass Britain and its Lib-left collaborators have been rewriting the narrative to suit their own prejudices and economic sub-texts.  The Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition government of David Cameron has done no better than its predecessor. But then where is the payback for supporting an ethical stance if history is no more than the creative output of journalists and politicians?

Some sixty-seven years after the conclusion of the Second World War Germany rules Europe, not by its military might but by its wealth.  Without Germany the old man would be nearly bankrupt and at war with itself.  It could still be both.  And because the new order is failing, old alliances are being redrafted (Germany and Russia for example).  It does well to remember that while Germany subsidises submarines for Israel's protection, (as second - last strike deterrence) it collaborates with Israel’s unrepentant enemies.  Switzerland, without which Germany could not have funded its war of aggression between 1933 and 1945 has embraced racist and genocidal anti-Jewish Iran, a nation whose fundamentalist theology threatens not just Israel but world peace.

In the UK Muslims are awarded an annual bribe totalling £180 million for communal activities; it is given to no other group, its purpose is to stop them from bombing (again), British targets at home. Islam in the Near-East, practised as a religious right, thirteen-hundred years of aggression and ethnic cleansing towards its non-Muslim citizens to bolster its militant racialist agenda. Theologically it drives a globally expansionist vision that has rarely waned since the Koran was written in the 7th Century CE (AD).  By failing to recognise this threat to global security; by appeasing Islam we do not gain time while preparing ourselves for the inevitability of conflict, instead we encourage the spread of darkness. Those who refuse to speak of the evil that confronts the word today are complicit in spreading its poison.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei spoke of a cancerous tumour in the world and like all men of evil he based his supercessionist world view on a theological construct that one religion, Islam, can supersede or be superior to every other faith. His side kick President Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that in order to bring about redemption and ‘The Final Days,’ chaos must rein supreme.  Those that bend their knees towards an idol of hate and offer supplication to a death cult refuse to recognise that the cancer is the Ayatollah and his theology, the pathogen.

The true difference between Fundamentalist Turkey, Racialist Iran, Egypt and super rich Saudi Arabia is in public presentation. And increasingly, those differences are becoming less obvious.

Those who fail to respond to a narrative of hate legitimise the views of its proponents; those who speak a language of hate only understand its consequences when it envelops them in a stifling and claustrophobic embrace that ultimately destroys its host.

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