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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Qatar urges “Judaization” probe

The arrogance of our enemies should be our greatest concern.  In a world of hyper-individuality the group becomes the victim of identity fascists.  They arrogate the right to pass judgement on others without possessing knowledge and with even less concern for the truth; they are able to do this simply because it fits neatly into established prejudices or prior political conduct.  And yet we appear impotent to respond to a narrative that is religiously offensive and historically colonialist.

The Nazis and their collaborators adopted the term “Judaization” to describe the accession of individual Jews to positions of power within the German State and its satellite dominions.  Where-ever fascism metastasized the term “Judaization” was used to sow fear amongst the ignorant and hatred amongst the prejudiced.  Where-ever Jews gained equality and therefore empowerment there were always people who felt threatened. Acceptance negated domination, if Jews successfully escaped persecution a new cause would need to be found and a new narrative created to justify it.

For sixteen hundred years Jews were ethnically cleansed by Christianity because the Church was incapable of accepting our equality or, like people of black skin, our humanity. For one thousand three hundred years Islam ridiculed us, it despised our weakness and in stages it ethnically cleansed us from our religious heartland.

But in post Renaissance Europe and in the Islamic world ‘Reason’ became a threat to the hold of both Church and Mosque on the peasantry and therefore the reins of power inevitably slipped from the grasp of the aristocracy controlling those religious institutions. If emancipation meant empowerment for Jews then it would inevitably follow that the lower classes would also succeed in freeing themselves of their shackles.  Marx was right to refer to religion as an opiate but I have no argument with opiates – used intelligently they can be a force for good.  A life of moderation in everything may not deliver great works of art or Nobel Prizes but contrary to Marxism's extremist world-view, it is the path to peace.

So when The Left in its mendacity adopts the terminology of Islamic colonialism to justify (once more) ethnically cleansing “The Jews” from Judea and Samaria or “The Jews” from The HaGadah HaMaaravit (The West Bank – the Jordanian colonialist term for its previously conquered territory); or when The Left adopts the revanchist ideology of Islamic colonialism / Nazi racism to once again justify ethnically cleansing the Jews from any part of Palestine, or even, from Jerusalem; then please, do not be surprised when the Anti-Left Wing narrative starts describing the anti-Israel Left as the Neo-Nazi Left.

When one adopts the tactics and terminology of Evil, one cannot complain when one receives the moniker of evil personified.

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