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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Promise - A Conclusion

The Promise was a four part mini-drama produced by British TV that purported to provide an historic narrative of the conflict between Israel and Arab.  Directed by Peter Kosminsky, it has been the subject of many articles in the British press, particularly the Jewish press.  It is the Palestinian Exodus except without the grace and honesty of Exodus. The one true similarity is that it loosely interprets the narrative of conflict. Where it differs however is that while Exodus evades some difficult issues, The Promise in its pretentious, and dualist propaganda entirely rewrites the history of the conflict in a way that it is intended will demonise all of the Jewish protagonists and by association, all Jewish Israelis. Presenting the story from one side only ‘The Promise’ is no more than a deceitful, dishonest polemic which contemptuously disregards all journalistic standards of probity. 

This mini-series is for the Arab World and the Fascist LibLeft (Liberals and the Left) coalition, which sadly today encompasses most of British Journalism, a call to arms and a justification for bigotry, prejudice and McCarthyist terror.  These allies, devoid of an ethical compass have been rewriting the Near Eastern narrative to suit their own prejudices and economic sub-texts.  For far too long they have been creating history in their own grotesque image, and without fear of consequence.

The logic of Islamic and in particular Arab hatred is that ethnic or religious equality refutes their ideological base.  The LibLeft coalition anticipates a Zionist surrender to the greater Arab nation. It is this crime against humanity that drives the Western elite’s ideological purpose. Without its Antizionism it is bereft of any meaningful ideological content around which it can successfully rally.

To quote Sever Plocker of the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronot (29th March 2011) “The left, even the radical left, is supposed to support unflinchingly the most fundamental human aspiration for liberty without asking who stands to profit from it.”  But Liberty cannot stand without democracy.  And the problem? The left has never supported liberty as a universal principle.  It has always supported repressive regimes. 

And Israel is allegedly born in original sin because it is Jewish and therefore irredeemably middle class (at least according to left wing class theory). The ethical issue that the LibLeft coalition can never reconcile is that Third World imperialism is worse than anything America or its allies can deliver. Some of those Third World countries are leaders in global drug trafficking, prostitution and slavery. And some of those countries have more wealth than most prosperous nations in the Western world but contribute nothing to it, save the dissension they sow and the chaos they celebrate.

Why do so many states within Christendom embrace the Arab and the Islamic narrative? It is partly because Israel has lost the narrative debate about its legitimacy. For more on this see my recent thoughts from 22nd of May 2011 and titled “Hasbara & Israel's Original Sin”. 

There is no payback to supporting an ethical stance if history is no more than the creative output of the powerful and an instrument of subjugation for the weak.

How can it be that history is so openly disrespected? To not place too fine a distinction on the event and its aftermath, history, is an event in past tense. Humanity has justified far greater crimes than the simple act of reshaping history to fit into our own perspective or rewriting a story to fit our own stereotyped image of what ‘the other’ should be. And international finance is far more important than truth and justice.  International relations should be based on ethics but they are not and this is also the problem because without consensus the greedy and corrupt will exploit an ‘altruistic’ response for their own benefit. Witness Switzerland, arguable the most ethically damaged European nation since Hitler came to power in 1933.

The Left has bought into the hegemonic demand for Islamic exclusivity. The Jewish people, their history and their narrative have been refused a place in the market.

The Promise represents one more assault on Israel and Jews by Britain’s hegemonic fascist press. The directors’ responsibility to provide an historic framework has been ignored.  British journalism is not about ethics but about viewer numbers and complex narratives do not win awards.  It is all about time and profits. Cant is the journalist’s bible.

Kosminski is a propagandist, an entertainer, a minstrel; he is no more than that.  Acknowledgement of his talent is its own reward and encouragement for further lies and deceit.  He said that perhaps one day he would write a program, not a mini-series, about Hamas. I can just imagine it.  Human beings will be shown decorously throwing themselves off the top of apartment buildings; Christians will joyously slit their own throats while women, ‘inappropriately’ attired, will exuberantly splash themselves with acid in expiation of their ‘sluttish’ attire.  Of one thing we can be sure. There will be no difficult questions and no uncomfortable silences to inconvenience the television cameras and al jazeera’s viewers.

The truth is irrelevant. Kosminski would have been equally comfortable writing for other more notorious journals of past history. Talent is no predicator of ethics.  In our dying world it is all about fame.

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