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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Itamar Infanticide and the British Press

Sometimes events impel a response that rudely pushes its way to the front of the queue.  I wrote the conclusion to this blog before I thought out anything else. As often happens I awoke into consciousness with an idea. It refused to leave and grew with intensity. My first thoughts of the morning should be of light and calm; peace and a new day. Instead I considered the response of the British Press to the decapitated body of a three month old baby, the blood soaked remains of humanity discarded like the lies of the press and the self-righteous boycotters cheering hypocrisy, on a fathers lifeless body.

A society that celebrates infanticide has no humanity.  A society that justifies this slaughter has no soul.  The Politically correct British press, the BBC (funded by $7.3 billion of British taxpayer’s money) and the Guardian Newspaper failed to mention this atrocity and when they did it was in order to justify their own pornographic agenda of equivalence, cause and effect, justice and punishment. The Jews, it seems, make Muslims do bad things.  Gee whiz – where have we heard that before, o yeah, Der Sturmer, 1923-1945, Nazi Germany, or if that is too offensive, The Peoples Observer, its ‘quality’ sister newspaper. Welcome to 21st Century Britain.

The Settlements, it is implied, supply the reason behind the celebration of child killers. Murder is not murder when the victims are Zionist babies. Allah’s followers have the Koran to keep them calm as they go about their important work, putting civilians to the sword, in the midst of their blood soaked killing fields.

The British press, in creating this false dichotomy, this obscene linkage once again affirms its outright ethical failure. Butchery is only thus, in the wrong hands.

I understand frustration and despair.  I appreciate outrage and anger.  The Britain that collaborated in the Shoah has never forgiven its survivors and now actively encourages the re-writing of Israeli history.

It explains an end, the Fogel family atrocity can only hint at.

Britain ignored Hitler because the job he did was agreeable to its largely ‘aristocratic’ leadership. In 1948 it was Britain that orchestrated the ethnic cleansing of Jewish Jerusalem and the almost complete destruction of its physical architecture.

I awoke this morning and from the Press I understood that nothing has changed.  Israel and ‘The Jews’ have never had ‘a chance’ to influence British opinion.  The morally indigent revanchist British press has always needed a hate figure to motivate it but has nearly always displayed scrupulous care to not damage UK plc’s profitability in its pursuit of ‘the truth’. Cant, has always been a staple of British journalism’s diet.  One theory has it that Robert Maxwell was murdered and his funds stolen by Her Majesties government in order to silence dissenting opinion.  Were they afraid that a Jew might finally have an opportunity to present another side to the story?  Rupert Murdoch (who is generally regarded as portraying Israel in a positive light) as owner of News International has had to give up Sky News in order to gain permission to acquire a greater share of British broadcasting – is there a British conspiracy afoot here too? A pattern soon emerges of a society that refuses to acknowledge a legitimate Jewish narrative, a society that will do everything in its power to suppress legitimate debate, a society that is capable only of acknowledging Jewish subservience and eternal victim-hood.

Now that is interesting. Is there a British conspiracy targeting Jews as a race and as a people? Should we speculate about a secret book, or a secret society, just as the Russian secret police wrote the Protocols in the middle of the 19th Century? Does a book or a program exist that is the product of her Majesties loyal secret servants here, too?  Now that would make for an interesting movie!

As a Jew I am unable to agree with a lot of what passes for Israeli government policy. But living in Britain I am beginning to fear living in Britain just as the Jews of Berlin must have feared living in Germany before the World War.  A British judiciary that makes public theater out of criminal trials (as long as they concern Israel, that is), cant, legalized incitement, and justifiable homicide: this is Britain today and its quality press rules.

I awoke this morning to a vision of hell. The Jewish village of Itamar is a metaphor for Israel itself.  The press reaction, a reminder that the past, for some of us at least, is also our present.

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