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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Egypt and Israel

People ask me what I think about the tsunami of unrest convulsing the Arab world and specifically what my thoughts are concerning Egypt.

Egypt is representative of one of a number of Aryan ideologies that in themselves pose a threat to global security and world peace in the 21st Century. Others include the ancient empires of Persia (renascent post modern Iran) and Byzantium, which after its conquest seeded the Ottoman Empire (resurgent post modern Turkey).

Sadly, the Arab world is overwhelmingly racist.

People have responded by pointing out that Hamas has moved towards a possible ten year truce with Israel thus implicitly recognising ‘the Zionist entity’.  One makes peace with ones enemy, to quote former President Bill Clinton. But historically it is more complete to say that one imposes peace on a defeated enemy.  A foe that remains theologically predisposed towards observing an Islamic truce intends to honour that truce only for as long as the advantage weighs against its conquest of infidel lands. It is a Hudna or truce that remains in force as a respite between wars, between Islamic nations (Dar al-Salam) and ‘tributary’ states (such as the UK which pays £180m per year to British Muslim institutions as a bribe to coax them into teaching ‘British values’).

I am told the Arab world is more complicated than that. That to deny the nuance in the man is to deny the humanity of the Arab nation and that I am guilty of racial stereotyping.  Actually, turn that on its head – this is the way Jews are treated (‘The Jews’ should know better).  It is the wholly monochromatic view of Israel and to a lesser extent, of the USA.  And yes that view of Israel, Jews and the USA is racist.  Only a fool believes suffering ennobles. For example, no one but a racist would tell a black person, post slavery, to turn the other cheek, or that their continued suffering will ennoble them.

But international hypocrisy is unthinkingly embraced when it is committed in the name of Palestine or in favour of the selective morality of the Green-Red alliance. It defies belief.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an Arab gentleman beloved of tens of millions of Arabs and hundreds of millions of fundamentalists throughout the global Muslim nation. He is also hugely admired by the former Mayor of London and current Labour Party contender for the same job, Ken Livingstone. To place Yusuf al-Qaradawi into the existential Nazi pantheon he dominates in the Muslim world, he is opposed to any reconciliation with Israel and has described the Holocaust as “punishment from heaven.”  “Inshallah (God willing), next time our faithful will do it” (murder all the Jews, everywhere) and “Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.”  It does make one wander exactly to what kind of deity the Muslim world prays when it sanctifies genocide.

And this is someone major British politicians and the British Left admire.

al-Qaradawi is a fundamentalist Muslim who believes that it is correct to execute homosexuals and permissible to beat women. He views female genital mutilation as wholly beneficial. In a misogynistic world view this is perhaps understandable – physically, sexually and psychologically abusive, but understandable. In a world that sanitises hate as long as it springs forth from a theological fountain domination can take many forms.

In Egypt, on February 18th 2011 two million or so people allegedly greeted this fascist sheik who returned from a fifty year exile in order to participate in Egyptian celebrations of the ‘victory’ over President Mubarak.

So I return to the original question of how I view Egyptian unrest.  We complicate in order to obfuscate. The Arab world hates Israel because it hates the other. It is intolerant not because it cries for justice but because it demands injustice.

Let us not forget that the world has conveniently ignored the plight of some thirty million Kurds denied the most basic right to self-determination in order to placate today’s artificially created Arab nation states. Israel should not ever forget this lesson of human duplicity.

Egypt will retain a peace treaty with Israel only for as long as it remains beneficial for it to do so. Whether it be the USA or perhaps even China (?) that finances it or something else that drives its view of what it defines as ‘benefit’ the frigid peace Israel has with Egypt will remain in place only for as long as it is of benefit to Egypt.

Yes, it is that simple.


  1. Unfortunately what you say is true. Egypt will take her time, but she will turn against the treaty with Israel. 2 Iranian 'cargo' ships have already sailed through the Suez Canal, on their way to Syria. This has not happened in over 30 years. The Sinai Peninsular, if it wasn't already a swiss cheese to infiltrators, will become a free passage for weaponry to Gaza and "political troublemakers" to put it politely! But what about the domino effect taking place in neighboring countries? Every week there is unrest in a different Arab country? What's your take on that?

  2. As every national leader knows, "its the economy stupid!" Would the unrest have taken hold if there was not a huge underclass of unemployed and probably unemployable young? But then the contra argument is that the Soviet Union fell and according to the propaganda, we are told they had full employment (even if it was the equivalent of guarding the wet paint while it dried! When the Government of China felt threatened by peaceful protest in Tiananmen Square in 1989 troops killed between 500 and 5,000 protesters and we will probably never know the exact number who died. But the regime survived. The real test will be what kind of government replaces the ones that are overthrown. Violence is always exploited by those who should be feared and rarely brings a positive change.