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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chauvinism Identity and Liberal Society

According to the Random House Dictionary ‘Chauvinism’ is zealous and belligerent patriotism, prejudicial devotion to any attitude or cause. I must first admit that I am neither objective nor particularly knowledgeable about Judaism so my chauvinism is doubly worthy of condemnation. Putting aside the obvious ethical consideration, one who is without knowledge has no right to chauvinism. The contradiction here is that for the common man or woman (as opposed to the scholar) chauvinism is the only defense against the hostile, exclusionary attitudes or ignorance of others.

Jews have a dilemma. They are informed that from the theological angle, even post Vatican 2 they are as individuals, murderers; it is in the Christian Bible for all to read.  Allegedly, born and unborn, Jews are responsible for the death of Christ and this is reinforced by a supercessionist doctrine that declares Christianity to be the ‘True Israel’. It is a wonderfully simple justification for Methodist bigotry in the 21st Century. Judaism is viewed as vestigial, archaic and tainted by history or worse, no more than a stage in the evolution of the perfect faith. The theology of Islam is simple: God has revealed himself to mankind throughout the ages from Adam through to his final and 'of course' the only true revelation of Mohamed. The name ‘Islam’ signifies submission, which implies surrender, abrogation of free will and therefore the renunciation of choice.

Jewish communists have a different problem. Marx stated that “Judaism survived not in spite of history, but by virtue of history.” Marx lived in the 19th Century. Part and parcel of progressive thought was bigotry and racial theory. From the reactionary Gobineau we have a series of essays on the inequality of the human races that was popularized a full decade before Das Capital was published. By his writings it is clear that Marx was a bigot. Should we blame him? After all, he desired acceptance into European society and at that time progressive writing did not aspire to universal human rights unless by first expunging every trace of difference. What better way to find acceptance than to aspire to the same toxic broth of prejudice and narrative discrimination permeating every level of Society?

Liberal society and the Left are institutionally racist and chauvinistic in their attachment to the Developing World, including Palestine (their current Poster boy). To this mix they often insert Judaism into a post Zionist melange of hatred and delegitimization. It is not difficult to appreciate from whence this nihilistic jumble of revolutionary activity, denial, and terrorism; intellectual and moral anarchy originates. And this prejudice is usually ideologically McCarthyist. Based on intolerance and denial it rejects any truth expressing support for Israel, Zionism or Jewish opinion, often with violence. This liberal populism is a form of fascism.

Jews have often been guilty of contributing to their own intellectual, political and social emasculation. The soul, as an ancient attempt to understand life and death became, with exquisite irony, not the concealed substance that unified humanity but the vehicle for controlling us and justifying the commission of every act of indecency in the name of the group. The soul is inhered but indeterminate and therefore without the possibility of denial, it creates the perfect vehicle for persecution and murder; demonization and genocide.

Jewish Uncle Toms are a common ally of liberal society in their practice of servile obedience to a hostile ideology. It makes the promise that they may acquire by collaboration a new identity, if they deny allegiance to an ancestral past they never possessed. They practice subservience to curry favor and by their protestations of alleged or superficial Judaic allegiance sanitize every lie, deceit and act of aggression that is so sanctimoniously justified by reference to them.

We live in a world where what we interpret as correct is measurable by the amount of pain we successfully inflict on our perceived adversary. Arthur Gobineau stated it more succinctly. He said that civilization (substitute politics instead) exists to discover what is useful to it. Everything which is not in keeping with these tendencies harms it and logically, all that harms it is doomed in advance and ultimately destroyed.

How sweet: the father of modern day racism condensed into two sentences modern day liberalism and the Left.

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