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Monday, December 13, 2010

My ethos

Self interest is the only long term strategy that consistently ensures peaceful co-existence and only then when it is balanced by the certain knowledge that survival is dependent upon mutual respect. The Ahmadinejads and Osama Bin-Laden’s of this world are esteemed by fundamentalists for their purity of Islamic vision when the reality is that they are the worst kind of prostitute selling their diseased triumphal theology to a selected rabble, their racialist drool oozing from every orifice corrupting everything they touch. There are no fragile flowers of democratic potential, no bilateralism around which one may negotiate for a place in the sun.  There is only the harsh and fertile ground of might, balanced by fear. 

Democracies are weak and prone to extremes of both action and passivity. Kissinger believed this based on his experiences as a young man growing up with Weimar and Nazism. But descent into the darkness of the extremes of left and right has occurred because the intellectually neutered centre is incapable of addressing the extremes without taking decisions that they view as being in themselves extreme.

Multiculturalism is the pursuit of power by the weak at the expense of the emasculated majority. This disempowerment is at the essence of the asymmetrical intellectual conflict that provides the periphery with the means to overwhelm the centre. Bilateralism on a multifaceted global landscape is more complicated but also less likely to be governed by corrupt self interest and more likely to be nuanced.

Multilateralism has given us paralysis; it’s multicultural godchild, a paragon of inequality and discriminatory self-justification for prejudice by minorities unwilling to integrate into their host society. Their ethically dysfunctional agenda nourishes escalating intolerance and violent confrontation fed by re-written history and a revanchist re-interpretation of morality that suits one dialogue over any other.

Bilateralism does not mean that we act alone but it does preclude global organisations that feed off political prejudice and bigotry. Each nation comes with its own historical baggage. Far too many are but creations of Western territorial surrogacy and founded on a bedrock of prejudice, superstition and bigotry.  With this toxic brew coursing through the veins of the majority of its nations’ political leadership and reflecting the pet hates of its peoples the UN caters to humanities lowest common denominator.  Like its predecessor, the League of Nations, it is incapable of humanity and humankind’s most unethical creation.  Its obeisance before tyranny is built on the twin pillars of dissimulation and sophistry.  The UN acts repeatedly to traduce nations on specious pretexts respected only in their violation by those proposing them as universal truths. The tools of global diplomacy have manufactured a monster that respects none of the universal freedoms we cherish or that we take to be near absolutes for global peace and prosperity.

It is time to deconstruct the complex artificially created and almost wholly irresponsible organ of global corruption that is the UN, other organizations can then follow suite into timely oblivion.

In a world of alliances self-preservation determines the side we choose to take.  But we are suffering a form of global paralysis; an unwillingness to invest in technologies that would end economic blackmail and alleviate powerlessness in the face of increased ideological terrorism is weakening our resolve. Mendacity has created a global imbalance which is, in turn continually recreating an inherently unstable diffusion of world wide volatility and insecurity.

The predominance of American power, the creation of the State of Israel, these did not create Osama Bin Laden.  A terrorist needs a story to attract both resources and recruits but this story is often already there or can be recreated from the reworking of past myths without either the reality bearing any resemblance to the truth or without ever disturbing the comfortable prejudices that have molded the society.  History and Culture are strong enablers. Modernization, Westernization, Judeo-Christian civilization, American Culture, Zionism, Democracy; these are all excuses within which Islamist revanchism can be incubated without ever addressing the fundamental inequalities or failures of the host societies.  It is why the Muslim world is awash with fabulous pools of wealth while retaining a huge underclass of second and third class citizens empowered to do nothing, to think nothing but accorded the triumphalist right to hate all of us as part of their historical patrimony.

The argument is given that a greater tolerance towards fascism would defuse the labeling that juxtaposes Islamism against everyone else.  A new take on the old saying that we are all “better red than dead” has taken hold. The assumption is made that al-Qaeda’s supporters would fail in their narrative appeal if we were more tolerant of their competing hegemonic pretensions.   It is a neat theory that fails dismally when confronted by Islam’s parallel story which runs along directly the opposite path to that provided by Western Civilization. The balance of terror can only become a balance of power when one side agrees to a subordinate role.  This is something that Islamic fundamentalism is incapable on a theological level of accepting.

And so in returning to bilateralism, nations like people are incapable of assimilating effectively more than one thing at a time. Any more than one interaction and we experience rivalry, not competition and corruption, not altruism. The matrices of international bilateral relationships can be a force for inhibiting global tension by disempowering radical hegemonic blocks nipping at and sometimes biting chunks out of the heel of global stability.


  1. I like your style of writing.I hope that you have stimulating and successful feedback and that your writings reach people from all walks of life and attitudes....I would be careful in generalising though! Not all Muslims are jihadists and terrorists just as not all Jews have crooked noses and work in finance!

  2. Of course I appreciate that not all Muslims are jihadists or terrorists. My blog is a call to end intellectual hypocrisy and populism. The greatest failure of human nature is our ability to disregard and disrespect our environment and those living within it. But ‘profession and olfactory characteristics’ are not part of the problem except in their ‘grouping and misuse’ by defective personalities. It is the latter not the former that must be confronted for the sake of humankind